Who we are

The AMSCC, was established by the Hellenic Ministry of Defense in 2004 to meet our partners’ (hereinafter referred to as “users”) growing needs in cost effective and responsive sealift services.

As a multinational no-profit entity, the AMSCC is focused on locating free of charge sealift solutions for its users by utilizing commercial contractors in a timely and efficient manner.

What are we doing

The AMSCC collects and analyzes real-time commercial market information on available sealift capabilities on a global level, supports users’ logistics operational planning, and coordinates the response efforts by matching available assets to users’ sealift requirements. Preparation of typical sealift scenarios proposed will further enhance the AMSCC’s capacity for rapid response.

Two of the most prominent agencies of the Greek shipping community, the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association are committed themselves to keeping the AMSCC connected to the global shipping industry.

It is worth noting that the AMSCC also supports a wide range of multi-modal transport services as applicable to our users’ needs. It considers sea, land and air modes of transport and of course interconnections within modes. Moreover, the AMSCC services are also open to states and organizations beyond the AMSCC membership too.

How it works

5 easy steps to saving time and money in obtaining AMSCC sealift services:

First Time User?

If you are first time user or have forgotten your password, please contact the AMSCC.